Fitting drawers into existing cabinet

Storyboard of my build

I recently moved with my family into a new home. The kitchen furniture is made out of beautiful Cherri, part with drawers part with shelves. I don’t mind shelves, but having 60cm (23″) deep shelves for kitchen supply under the countertop is not something I would mention as user friendly.

Building shelves with preserving the face of the cabinet is not easy. I first had to determine how much space will I lose because of the door. Thankfully it was 36mm on the left side (1,5″) which I could overlap with two sheet of 18mm plywood (~3/4″). On the right side it was only 9mm (~3/8″) which is also a standard plywood size. I took measurements with the sliders, let my local hardware store cut all the plywood and MDF for me.

The assembly was straightforward: I eased the edges with my router, glued and screwed everything together. Because I still miss some tools to feel safe creating half lap joints or dovetailing, I used everywhere butt-joints with long screws for more stability.

I painted everything white, screwed the sliders in place, and enjoyed my “new” cabinet.

I was asked, why I didn’t buy drawers like the one in the above Amazon link. I bought one, but since my kitchen furniture is build for specially for the kitchen, it has almost no standard measurement. So the standard 60cm is too small for one of my cabinet, but too wide for the others and so on. I’m also not complaining about this, because it was not only fan to build the project, and felt great to have a perfectly fitting drawer on my first try.

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