Router table – take one

I’m in need of a router table, so before I can make my final version, I improvised one with scrap woods. My requirements are: it has legs, because my clamping surface is limited. I should be able to use it on top of my workbench. It should be a quick-and-dirty version of a router table.

First I took a nice sheet of wood which looked OK to hold the router. I made an outline of the router base, matched all the screw holes I need to drill. I first drilled all the holes, then I used the router to create dig out the outline. My sheet is around 19 mm thick, I could not use my router effectively anymore if I don’t hollow out the surface. Because I did this free-handed (except for these photos, no one will see the bottom side of the table, except me), I had an opportunity to try out my new chisels and mallet.

All in all I’m really satisfied with the result. The router sits stable and flat, the screw holes are matching.

I used another scrap wood to create the legs. I need a (safety) switch for turning the router on and of easily, right now I’m using an extension cord with a switch, but I don’t like it. It’s also not safe. I still need to make a fence, but it’s really easy to improvise one and a lift would be practical as well, because the height of the BOSH POF 1200 AE can not be set by a screw.

I was inspired by Warren Downes’s (One Wood) build, who created the most simple router table I know.

In the next take, my husband will use his CNC to create an aluminum base plate, but if he hadn’t have a CNC (or aluminum for that matter), I would follow the build video from MrDabrudda, who uses a 6mm plywood to create the base plate.

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